Name Description Grant amount Initiative
N95 Mask Decontamination (Algonquin College) CHEO research partnership to determine whether N95 masks, usually intended for single use, can be treated and safely used again.   $55,000 PPE Decontamination
Shielding Heroes (Sens Foundation) Produce and distribute 40,000+ PPE Face Shield Frames and 120,000 Face Shields to frontline workers in the Ottawa region for 12 weeks. $45,000 PPE Sourcing
Conquer COVID-19 (IDRF) Grassroots incubator facilitating access to priority products in short supply for Canadian healthcare communities. $1,000,000 PPE Sourcing
Fast Grants
Thistledown provided $5M to support fast funding to academic institutions for projects that could help with the COVID-19 pandemic. This funding helped support 23 awards to Canadian institutions. Grantees are listed at
$5,000,000 Research